What are you an EXPERT in? Channeling Lisa Nichols! SUPER SOUL SUNDAY

Lisa Nichols, if you have not heard her speak or read one of her books, is kind of a whirling dervish of realness and humor and love. She is just someone you could listen to forever and her story is COMPELLING.

She went from public assistance to MILLIONAIRE. I watched this video and I could NOT TURN IT OFF.

I had never heard of her but when I stumbled upon her I loved her. She is inspiring! Her site is HERE.http://www.motivatingthemasses.com/home/

One of the things she talked about that really struck me was when she asked:

What are you an EXPERT in? Everybody's an expert in something. Good or bad. She claimed that she was an expert in GETTING BACK UP. She had been knocked down so many times she could not count. She was not looking at that with negativity but instead saying she was an expert in PULLING HERSELF together and MOVING ON.


I feel it. I feel like I'm an EXPERT IN GETTING BACK UP too. I don't want to be. I wish I wasn't sometimes. BUT I AM.

I got back up when my parents divorced
I got back up when I couldn't have a baby
I got back up when artificial insemination didn't work
I got back up when my baby didn't come home from the hospital for 52 days
I got back up when my baby had a stroke
I got back up when they told me he might lose his arm.
I got back up when I got the 100th medical bill
I got back up when they tried to throw me out of preschool for blogging
I got back up when we almost lost our house
I got back up when my daughter was in the hospital for weeks with an illness we couldn't name
I got back up when my company went under

And it's hard to get back up. And sometimes I DON'T WANT TO GET BACK UP. And lately I feel myself having to GET BACK UP AGAIN.


So I will.
And I do.
And I am.

Thank you Lisa Nichols.

Cindy Cawfords Un Retouched Photos- Sexy still? ARE WE ENOUGH?

By now you've probably seen this un retouched photo released released by Marie Claire. Marie Claire will be publishing a full spread of Cindy with no airbrushing or retouching.

What do you think? Still sexy?

I have to admit it was a shock to see this at first. My mind is so used to the perfection of models and the beauty industry, that this floored me. At first I was shocked.....and then I felt VALIDATED.

So many actresses are waltzing around Hollywood, three weeks after having their babies, wearing skinny jeans and ready to get back to work. Or their 40 and fabulous in the magazines with zero wrinkles and cellulite FREE.

I love Cindy for showing us that even a supermodel, who has access to every cream, potion and procedure, shows us this is the REALITY of AGING.

And guess what. It's NOT as bad as THE MEDIA and THE BEAUTY industry has lead us to believe! We are constantly being show that we're not good enough. Really? I'm no supermodel but I have experience, real knowledge and have been through A LOT. Two kids, one round of IVF, 52 days in the hospital with my son, one husband, three pets, and SEVEN FISH. Yes. Don't ask.

Think of this picture when you're thinking you're not aging well, not feeling sexy, and realize THIS
IS SEXY. And you're ENOUGH.



Valentines Day Favors For Kids!

Are you ready for Valentines Day? You have some time to do some crafty Valentines Day favors for you kids classmates if you start now! Here are some fun ideas:

Valentines Book Marks!

How cute are these? I found them on Party On Purpose!

Fish Bowl Valentines With Swedish Fish from Faboolous!

Will Zoo Be Mine? From Blue Robin Cottage

Baking cup flowers from Skip to My Lou! So cute!!!!

All this and more on my Pinterest Board!

Top Five Valentines Day Crafts For Kids!

I kind of LOVE Valentines Day even MORE now that I have kids! There are so many cute crafts you can make.

Here are a few I am loving:

1) The Stained Glass Heart:

Tissue paper, construction paper, glue and you're all set! Read more about how to do this on Our Small Idaho Life

 2) Foot print Valentines Card

How cute is this to do with your little ones? Read more on Fun Family Crafts!

3) Heart Shaped Animals

So simple and cute! Read More on Crafty Morning!

4) Tissue paper by number heart!

Educational and sweet! Read more on the Crayon Box Chronicles.

5) DIY Valentines Day Stamp

Gorgeous and simple!
Housing a Forest!

Next up Valentines Day Favors!

Check out these and my other favorites on my Valentines Day Pinterest Board!

Two Great Christmas Holiday Menus!

How was your Christmas?! Are you still recovering? What was on your menu?

We had two Christmas dinners with two different sides of the family which meant two different Christmas menus!

I think we really outdid ourselves. It was a ton of work but everyone was blown away!

Menu 1: (Italian inspired:)


Grilled Artichokes- (like these from Foodie Crush)

Paleo Meatballs in Marinara from Paleo Newbie

Cucumber Hummus bites with Tina's Homemade Hummus

Tina's Hummus recipe:
2- 16 ounce cans of chick peas drained- reserve the juice
4-6 garlic cloves
1 1/2 teaspoons of salt
3/4 cup tahini (sesame seed paste)
1/2 cup lemon juice

Drain chick peas. Put garlic in food processor and mince. Add chick peas and mince, scraping down the sides. Add salt, tahini and lemon juice. Mix. Taste. Add enough reserve chick pea juice to make a thick creamy consistency. You should be able to make an indentation with the back of a spoon . Check taste again for additional lemon and salt. You can serve also with olive oil drizzled on top and smokey paprika! Divine!

Persimmons and prosciutto (add truffle oil, or honey if you have it!)

Main course:

Caprese wreath from Huffington Post

Shrimp Scampi (also by Huffington Post)

Chicken Cacciatore By Proud Italian Cook

and Italian Peas  (These were amazing)

And for dessert?

Pioneer Womans Cherry Cheesecake Shooters! These were a HUGE hit!!!

Stay tuned for menu number 2!!!

Elf On The Shelf Has Arrived! Some fun and easy ideas for Elf On The Shelf!

Our Elf "Jim" has arrived!

I always tell the kids he comes on December 1st every year from the North Pole on his teeny tiny airplane. He arrives with a little note. This year it said:

 Landon and Coco I'm here at last!
 Boy this last year went real fast.
 I saw you playing piano for Mimi and Pop
 So I hid outside, and into the mailbox I hopped!
 I'm here to watch over you for my pal Santa Claus
 And let him know about you and "Tina Claws" (our mean cat!)
 You have to be good to get lots of presents and goodies
 So please listen to Mom and Dad if you could-ies!
 Can't wait to show you my silly tricks
 And report to my old friend Saint Nick!
 PS I love the tree you picked out!

Love Jim

This year when he arrived they found him like this!

And he's been having fun around the house....making snow angels....

Having sack races....


 Making a snow man....

But I have a few more tricks up my sleeve. And I definitely want to do this!

What's your elf been doing?

Take The CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE! You will be glad you did! And A Lilly Pulizer Give Away!

I post about this every year because the business of Christmas can really drag you down. There's a lot to do. Mom's especially can barely get a break during the chaos and I want to make it easier!

Here's how it works: (I got this idea from The Art Of Doing Stuff a few years ago)

Do the "Business" of Christmas during November so you can enjoy your holiday! I did this last year and it really worked! Who's ready to take the Christmas Challenge? You can see it starts TODAY! Let's do it together!

Here's what happens if you don't take the challenge according to The Art Of Doing Stuff:

And since we're talking Christmas I have a little give away for you. 

Sleeping Beauty Discount At Pasadena Playhouse! From Ariana Grande as Snow White to Oliva Holt as Sleeping Beauty!

I am beyond obsessed with the Pasadena Playhouse!!! Every year I go to their productions during Christmas and am BLOWN AWAY by the level of production and stars they get!

The first performance we saw was SNOW WHITE starring a sweet little girl named ARIANA GRANDE! Maybe you've heard of her!? She was amazing. So was Neil Patrick Harris!

Last year we saw Aladdin and His Winter Wish!

 It was starring Ashley Argota as “The Princess” (Nickelodeon’s True Jackson VP)
and Jordan Fisher as “Aladdin” (Disney’s Teen Beach Movie). It was amazing!

This year Garrett Clayton was cast and the prince and Olivia Holt as the princess in Sleeping Beauty!

Now you can get the deal of the century to see the show with this $99* Family 4-Pack! 

Get the One Fabulous Mom Discount!!
Use Code: OFMPAC4

*Code is valid for a $99 4-Pack of tickets to SLEEPING BEAUTY AND HER WINTER KNIGHT. Valid only on on Mezzanine B, Rows GG and HH. Up to 3 additional tickets may be purchased for $24.75 each. Offer expires Sun. Dec. 21 at 11:59 p.m. and is good on all performances from Dec. 10 - Jan. 4, excluding Dec. 11. Excludes all other seating locations. All seats are best available. Offer not valid on previous purchases and cannot be combined with any other offer. All tickets are subject to availability. Service charges and theatre restoration fee apply to all orders. 

Order here:

The ticketing link is: http://www.pasadenaplayhouse.org/box-office/mainstage/sleeping-beauty-and-her-winter-knight.html

Follow them on twitter for all their shows and events! 

Knotts Merry Farm At Knotts Berry Farm!

Well by now you know I am obsessed with this place!!!

We can't wait to head back to: KNOTTS MERRY FARM!

--> Knott’s Berry Farm’s seasonal event Knott’s Merry Farm celebrates the Christmas season November 22 through January 4, 2015. The holiday event includes park-wide lavish decorations, live entertainment, festive food, and a shopping wonderland filled with local artisans! HEAVEN!!!!
      Of course  no visit to Knott’s Merry Farm is complete without catching a performance by the world famous beagle, Snoopy as he performs a brand new ice spectacular, Merry Christmas, Snoopy! inside of the Charles M. Schulz Theatre!!!

The kids cannot wait to go!


Santa’s Christmas Cabin

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without visiting Santa Claus. The Wilderness Dance Hall in Ghost Town becomes home to Santa’s Christmas Cabin for the holiday season. YAHOO!